Buch - Unicycling first steps first tricks

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Englische Version des Buches Einradfahren - Basics und erste Tricks

This book is written for beginners in the first place, but it also offers some good information to those looking for a further challenge. With the help of detailed descriptions, illustarated by more than hundered pictures, the beginner learns how to get started and wich possible mistakes he can avoid. He also learns how to avoid injuries. Helpers can also learn how they can best provide support for beginners, as well as a selection of different teaching methodes and many games for unicycle. The team sport "Unihockey" is also included.
In the second part, variations of the ordinary unicycle like "Giraffes" and "Ultimate weehls" and some basic tricks are presented. At the end of the book you can read important tips about buying and suitable unicycle and how to maintain and repair it. Finally, a list of unicycling links on the internet is also included.

16,5 x 24 cm, Softcover, 152 Seiten, english

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